Convenzione Turkish Airlines riservata ai Soci di Confindustria Salerno

Aprile 24, 2024

Turkish Airlines offre ai Soci di Confindustria Salerno uno sconto particolare per i viaggi effettuati con la Compagnia dagli aeroporti italiani.

Tutte le info nella nota inviata via email alle nostre Aziende e/o contattando [email protected] 089200812


Turkish Airlines vola col seguente frequenze settimanali:

Napoli  18,

Bari 7

Catania 7

Palermo 6

Roma 28

Milano 28

Bologna 21

Venedik 21

Torino 7 (a partire dal 10 Luglio)

Turkish Airlines, which flies to 130 countries and 346 destinations, continues to provide its passengers with unlimited connectivity through new destinations, while also extending its high quality and service to every corner of the world.

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Best Airline in Southern Europe

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Skytrax, known as the Oscars of Aviation with more than 25 years of experience, has awarded our economy class catering service with the Best Economy Class Catering based on its objective worldwide standards. With this award, we are honoured to announce that our catering is the best everywhere in the world. For detailed information about our catering, please visit our in-flight catering page.

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We are proud to have been recognized for our approach on unique experience and our focus on comfort. Skytrax awarded our Economy class seats as the Best Economy Class Seat in Europe. We aim to offer maximum comfort in your travels with our Economy Class seats having entertainment system, adjustable head and foot rests and a seat pitch of up to 78 cm on international flights.